Wool Week 2014


After a lot of organising, the full programme is now online, you can find it here!

We have a full diary at Jamieson & Smith with classes every weekday and a few trunk shows at night.. as well as Oliver’s daily sorting and grading demonstration. It looks set to be a brilliant week again!

Shetland Box Office Bookings will open on Monday 28th April at 10.00am (BST)

To look back at some of our previous Wool Week Posts, click here


Jamie Smith waiting patiently for the visitors last year!

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Sandra and the SWRI!

On a beautiful Easter Monday night Me (Ella) and Sandra headed down to the South End of Shetland to meet with the local SWRI group who had invited Sandra down to talk and show some of her beautiful knitting.


We arrived at the hall, and while the ladies had their monthly meeting we judged as visiting speakers some of their arts and crafts. Once we had done that we layed out as much of Sandras knitting as we could fit in her car (shes prolific!) Unfortunately I didnt get any pictures of her giving her talk as I was helping her hold up things to show the ladies but afterwards Sandra invited everybody to come up and have a look and chat about knitting


We were very pleased to see a Chunky Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan  which Sandra designed a few years ago, on this lady on the right. We love her colour choices, Haar as the main shade with Kryn Mylk and Fuschia as the contrast shades, it reminds us of Rasberry Ripple Ice Cream!

IMG_2294And of course there was some beautiful knitwear to be seen on the ladies, including some lovely yokes and all over cardigans.


she spoke about all her designs for Jamieson & Smith, such as the Antarctica Set, , Tobys Coat and lots more but she also had some of her own family’s knitting including the shawl which was knit for her as a baby!

swri We had a lovely time chatting with everybody and would like to thank the SWRI for inviting us down to see them.

Well done to Sandra for a great talk, it was so great to see so much of her knitting in one place!

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Contemporary Textiles Student Visit

A few weeks ago Oliver and Ella went over to the Shetland College UHI to meet with the Contemporary Textiles students and present prizes for a design competition we set the students earlier this year.

All Shades2As part of the course the students are often set live briefs and competitions and we took the chance for the students to use and design with the unique Heritage wool,  since we now have the yarn available on cone and in ball it was a perfect opportunity to see what the students would come up with.

The students were asked to create short garments which incorporated aspects of Shetland knitwear in a contemporary way.

IMG_2941Dorothy Fraser was inspired by the Old Shell pattern, a traditional lace motif. She reversed the knitting as a design detail and also explored the use of very large needles and traditional stitches which created a very open lacey top.

IMG_2939Elaine Nicolson also used traditional stitches and techniques to create a modern hooded cape.

IMG_2940Using a mix of knitting and crochet Joyce Leask was inspired by vintage garments and she also embellished her garment with fleece, an interesting technique.

IMG_2942Kirsty Nicolsons garment used the traditional technique of Fair Isle, taking a new approach to the Fair Isle yoke, by using a subtle striping effect on the body.  The bright Yoke utilises the new shades which we released early last year. Kirsty knitted her prototype on a domestic knitting machine with the possibility of the design being transferred on to the industrial Shimi Seiki machines of which the Colleges Textile Facilitation Unit has three. Kirsty Nicolsons garment was chosen as the overall winner of the competition and Oliver presented her with a gift token for Jamieson & Smith

Kirtsy Nicolson

photo courtesy of Dave Donaldson

Oliver said ‘Jamieson & Smith have always supported the textile course and College since its conception so we think its a great way for younger and mature students from Shetland and further afield to enhance their skills. We look forward to more design projects with the students in the future in collaboration with Jamieson & Smith, Curtis Wool Direct and the Real Shetland Company’


photo courtesy of Dave Donaldson

Thank you to the College for inviting us to see them and we look forward to more projects with them in the future!

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Recent Ravelry Projects

One of our favourite aspects of what we do at J&S is seeing all the different things you make with our yarns, we have a very active group on Ravelry with over 3000 members! You can easily look at the all the projects people have entered into Ravelry using the wide range of Jamieson & Smith yarns. I thought i’d show you some of my favourite recent finished objects.


handepandes Fair Isle wristwarmers a lovely use of colours (Jumper Weight shade 122 and FC43!) and peerie patterns Hanna has made a beautiful pair of very cosy looking wristwarmers.


Daucus’ Tigs in blanket using local designer Outi Katers Jacks Jacket pattern, this lovely dog looks so great in his new jacket!


Maud-Baileys Anar Yoke Jumper, this classic Jumper looks so vintage and I love that Kate was inspired by one of the Whalsay bairns jumpers.


mitumames Follow Your Arrow Shawl, Ysolda recently released a mystery shawl KAL and Shetland Heritage was one of the yarns suggested. I love how the Indigo shade looks in a shawl and it shows how good the Heritage is for Lace as well as Fair Isle!

As well as Ravelry, we also have a facebook page and twitter and we love to see the things you have made so please share them with us!

Happy Knitting,


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Lerwick Up Helly Aa 2014

Up Helly Aa day dawned wet and windy, I could hear the Jarls Squad cheering from my bed so I got up and headed to the Street..


One of the main parts of the day is The Bill on the Street, it was surrounded by tourists having a look.


A Up Helly Aa flag flying on the Lodberrie.


Me and my Sister and her bairns battled our way back to the street to see the Jarl squad at the Market Cross, I even caught a glimpse of Oliver among the beards!

IMG_1730 IMG_1729

It was a very damp morning but my head was especially cosy with my Up Helly Aa hat Sandra made for me, it depicts the torchlight procession which takes place at night


Due to the strong winds the Galley  was moved to the Hillhead, I was able to get some nice photos once it had calmed down and the Jarl Squad had headed into the Town Hall



In the afternoon I headed to the Shetland Museum and Archives to see the Jarl Squad in a drier environment!



This gave me a chance to see the suit a bit more up close and see some of the details Stuart mentioned in his post  on Tuesday


After a bit of a rest I wander down to watch the Junior Procession, which takes place at 5.30pm


IMG_1764Although the rain had stopped the wind had picked up and by the time for the senior procession at 7.30 it was very windy!

IMG_2903But everything went to plan and the warmth from the torches made the wind not seem so bad!


Oh and of course my hat was still keeping me warm!


After the procession its time to get ready for the night of revellry, all the squads (and there are 50 or so!!) go around all the halls and do an act and a bit of dancing.


I was at the Gilbertson Park Games Hall and it was great night, the Jarl Squad was last at the Gibbie so it was 8.30am before I went home.. luckily just a short walk across the Park!


I cant believe its over for another year! there are still lots of Fire Festivals that go on in different parks of the Islands until March so there’s plenty of fun still to be had!

If you would like to see any more photos from the day, have a look here and here.


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Viking visits J&S!

Up Helly Aa arrived at J&S today in the form of a viking named Oliver, who most of you will be familiar with. We are currently in the middle of the worst weather in over 20 years but in true Shetland spirit no one has let that put a dampner on the day. So after a hectic day of touring the town and performing all the Jarl Squad duties Oliver popped in for a quick visit to show off the Jarl Squad suit, which was stunning!



Every part of the suit was beautifully designed to the last detail: the intricate metal inlay on the shields; the ornate helmet an axe; cow-skin cloak complete with dragon brooch; heavy scale armour; and most exciting of all, for us, the kirtle and pouch woven using J&S yarn.




The kirtle was made from our Coll Black Shetland Heritage yarn. It was knitted in a way to make it look woven, giving a beautiful, smooth fabric that ties in perfectly with the Jarl Squad’s Viking-themed suit.


Since this is a day we have all been looking forward to for years, especially Oliver, we thought we would need to get a group photo of him in full costume with the J&S staff (minus Ella who was out getting plenty of photos for a blog post later in the week).

All of us here at J&S hope Jarl Ivor Cluness and his squad, the 900+ guizers and everyone attending this years Up Helly Aa have had a fantastic day and enjoy the long night ahead!



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More cones now available

Our 2ply Jumper Weight has been flying off the shelves so quickly lately that we’ve recently had to order in lots of new batches, which means we now have a lot more shades available on cone! These have all been photographed and updated online and are available here. As usual we only get in a certain number of cones per dye lot so get yours early before they run out until the next batch.

New Cones


We also have some very exciting new yarn ranges in development but there is still a bit more work to be done on these so more will be revealed about this in the coming months…

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