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Garment Patterns

Hello everyone, a few weeks ago we launched Sandra’s most recent garment pattern – the Joseph Slipover:

This tank top features traditional motifs and techniques but uses 10 zingy shades of 2ply Jumper Weight, we have the sample in the shop and everyone comments on just how bright it is! It’s knit completely in the round using steeks for the neck and armholes, you might recognise the motif and colours from the Parrots of the Rainforest Mitts, Sandra just wasn’t finished with it..

We thought we’d go through our other single garment patterns we have available at J&S, knitting a full garment can be intimidating – especially in fine yarn but we have a wide range of styles to make your entry (or re-entry) into garment knitting as easy as possible!

Our heritage and traditions here in Shetland are important to us and our main focus will always be Shetland/Fair Isle or inspired styles so we have a number of Allover garment designs which are as the name implies patterns featuring an all-over pattern:

Click here to see the patterns: Roadside Allover, Lynsey Sweater, Fair Isle V-Neck Jumper and Antarctica Allover

As well as the Joseph Slipover we also have the Cruden pattern, if sleeves are not something you fancy (unfortunately there are usually two of them..!)

Click here: Cruden

and another popular Shetland style – yokes!

Click here: Adenia, Eid, Moorie, Ola, Winter Yoke, Sandvoe and Hairst Yoke

Bairns patterns are something we also have a few of – this can be a great introduction to Shetland Garment knitting, all the main skills being used just on a smaller scale:

Click here: Natalia, Bairns Crofthoose, Peerie Lynsey, Gremista Gansey and Peerie Bairns Jumper

So that’s just some of the garment patterns we have available at J&S, unfortunately, our website doesn’t have the capabilities to have kits for all the different sizes but it means you can change colours, add extra balls or just purchase the pattern if that’s how you feel! We have the amounts and shades listed on the pattern pages so you can just make a list and add the colours to your basket.

Please note: many of these patterns are available digitally either from us on Ravelry or payhip or directly from the designer. If you are outside the UK you might find the p&p is expensive for just a pattern so we would encourage you to see first if it’s available digitally or add the pattern to an order. Happy knitting!

Elizabethan Cowl and 50g Jumper Weight

Hello everyone, you may seen our post on social media last week but we thought we’d share more detail about one of our new patterns and the perfect yarn pairing to go with it!

Sandra designed this cowl – The Elizabethan Cowl in 2ply Jumper weight to use two shades in a fully reversible design, the motif is inverted from one side to the other. It’s worked in the round – you cast on, work one side then switch the colours and work the other side. It’s then cast off and seamed together.

For the yarn, we had a balling mishap recently whereas 8 shades of 2ply Jumper Weight were balled into 50g instead of the normal 25g BUT our mistake is your gain and we are offering them at a discount individually here or in a full pack for a bigger discount here.

They ended up working perfectly for the Elizabethan Cowl because you only need one 50g ball (or two 25g balls) of two shades so you can find the paper pattern here, or the kit or if you already have the wool the pattern is available digitally on payhip and raverly.

So if you fancy any of these slightly bigger balls this is your chance to pick them up – we dont think they will last long.. Happy Knitting!

Our Raffle Winners!

2ply Jumper Weight in shades 132 and 23

Hello everyone, happy Friday! today we are announcing the names of the winners of our recent Raffle! 2 weeks ago today we decided (very last minute) to hold a raffle to raise money for the children caught up in the conflict in Ukraine, like all of you we have been so shocked and saddened and wanted to do something to help. So we selected a group of prizes and made a product for a raffle ticket and left it over the weekend, we were amazed at the response locally and around the world. Aptly that Saturday here in Shetland we attended a vigil held at the Market Cross in Lerwick, it really felt that in Shetland we were supporting people in Ukraine.

We decided to hold the raffle from Friday 5th – Tuesday 8th so that we could get our money raised donated as quickly as possible so it could help. Amazingly in those 4 day’s we sold over 2500 tickets, and with a £1000 donation from J&S as a company and our staff members contributions we managed to raise £6,040 and donated it directly to UNICEF on 11th March, we were so happy at what we managed to achieve and thank you to all that entered.

The raffle numbers were drawn by an independent party and we then matched it up to a spreadsheet where we had added everyone who bought a ticket, giving each entry a line, this was then randomised as the numbers and winners were matched as follows:

Skye Weavers Rug: Sara Allredge, USA

Sheelagh Shawl Kit: Karen Gunn, Scotland

Full set of Supreme Jumper Weight: Margaret Franco, USA

Fair Isle Cap Kit: Marlene Sim, Shetland

Sorcha Cabled Tunic Kit: Nancy Leher, USA

Antarctica Allover Kit: We are still waiting to hear from this winner, if your initials are DP please check your Junk Mail Folder, we have been trying to contact you!

the prizes!

So we have posted out 5 out of 6 prizes and hopefully this post will alert our final winner! We are really grateful for the support we received from our customers and how generous you were, thank you again! If you still want support UNICEF you can donate directly at this link.

Happy knitting x

Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Hello everyone, a quick post today! We are setting up our newsletter so if you want to receive a monthly update from us at J&S can we ask that you either follow this link or update your account on the online shop to ensure you are signed up (just click ‘Update Contact Information and Preferences’ and tick the Subscribe to commercial newsletter.) If you are already signed up via the online shop you don’t need to use the form – that may result in you getting two newsletters!

Don’t worry – we will continue posting here but you can guarantee a monthly update (and maybe some offers!) if you sign up. We will be sending out our first Newsletter before we finish up for Christmas next week.

Happy Knitting!

Catch Up

Hello everyone, happy weekend! Sorry things have been a bit quiet here, we have had a really busy few months since our last post! Things are cooling down fast here in Shetland and we had our first snow last week – it’s all gone already of course but it will be back! We thought we’d do a quick catch up post of some of the things we’ve been enjoying lately:

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on adding all our Yoke Cardigan and Jumpers to the Online Shop, we work with a number of local knitters on our yokes so each one is totally different – something we love about them but it means it takes us a while to get them all up! but for the moment the current stock is all online and available, you can see them here

A few weeks ago we got in stock of our 1 and 2ply Supreme Lace in a shade we’ve not had before – Light Grey! this is a truly beautiful undyed and completely natural Shade which we have in other ranges but have never had before in the Supreme Lace.

As its a natural shade we don’t know if we will have it again but we currently have it in both ball and cone in both weights, it really adds to the palette and offers another light shade, you can see it here alongside the other 2ply Shades:

We also added recently added some new patterns and kits, on our new online shop we can offer the paper patterns individually which means you can add them to your order or change colours and we are loving seeing how many of you are picking them up, you can see all the Patterns we have here

Some of the new kits we’ve added are the Radiant Star Mitts, Croft Cowl and Radiant Star Cowl by Ella Gordon and Jacks Jacket and Allium Hat and Mitts by Outi Kater. You can see all the kits we have available here

There have also been some great new books come out recently – the Shetland Wool Week 2021 Annual, Shetland Trader Book 3: Heritage, and Shetland Wool Adventures Journal Volume 3. They are all filled with beautiful patterns using Shetland Wool and the Journal and Annual both contain articles all about Shetland.

Finally, as things have been cooling down we’ve been keeping warm under our Skye Weavers rugs and are delighted by how many else of you are also enjoying them during this winter!

They are made for us by Skye Weavers using our Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight, another of our completely undyed ranges, this week you might have seen our post about the Coloured Wool – we are currently working through these amazing shades in the Wool Store, and its amazing to see these natural shades come back to us as cozy blankets!

Oliver in the Woolstore working on the coloured wool.

So that’s some of the things we are enjoying just now, we are being kept busy with all your orders. We have had some poor weather here which does impact the boats and planes so its worth keeping in mind although we try our hardest to get everything out as quickly as possible there are some delays outwith our control, we hope you are enjoying your December and happy knitting!

Virtual Shetland Wool Week 2021

Hello everyone, this Saturday sees the beginning of our Virtual Shetland Wool Week! unfortunately the in-person events were cancelled this year thanks to Covid but everyone here is Shetland has been working hard to organise lots of online content for you all to enjoy.

Here at J&S we have decided again to have a range of videos available for free on our Youtube Channel, a video will go up every working day for the Week of Wool Week and here is a bit of information about each one to whet your appetite:

Read more

New Website

Hello everyone, just a quick post from us today. If you have been on our website over the past few days you will notice it looks a bit different:

Its taken us a long time but we have a new website which you will hopefully find easier to navigate and order from. Many things are the same as they were and a few things are new but it should altogether be a better experience for you.

Unfortunately we could not transfer over Account or Order details so you will need to make a new account which is easy to do:

Where it says ‘Sign In’ hover over that and click ‘create a new account’

Then enter your email under ‘New Customer’ click ‘register’

And create a new password and therefore a new account, Yippee!

Another new thing is we have added our final new shade on ball from our batch of new 2ply Jumper Weight colours: FC68 – a complex brown shade with flecks of red and yellow throughout.. we love it!

So you can find that also on our new website.. Happy knitting and ordering!

Wirsit Inspo – May/June/July

Hello everyone, Happy Saturday! We’re back today with another round up of our Wirsit Inspo (wool inspiration) posts that we post every week on our Social Media (facebook, instagram and twitter) as we come into summer there have been some brighter posts but July is proving to be very grey here unlike everywhere else in the UK! We have now been doing these posts for nearly a year and we love seeing how much you enjoy them.

If you are inspired by any of the colourways make sure to tag us or send pictures to us, we’d love to see!

Spring Flowers, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: FC24, 118, 52, 125, 1 and 91.
Red Granite Cliffs or Lang Ayre, 2ply Jumper Weight. 21, 1282, 122, 32, 1282 and 14.
More Summery Flowers, North Road, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: FC44, FC12, FC24, 91, 23 and 66.
Blue Inspiration, Hays Dock, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: 1, 2, 78, 75, FC34 and 132.
Mid Summer Hill, Northmavine. 2ply Jumper Weight: FC12, 122, 1285, 9097, 52 and 14
Vibrant Rock Pools, 2ply Jumper Weight: 81, 54, 2, FC12, 121 and 91.
Fading Sea Pinks, 2ply Jumper Weight: 2, 1281, FC22, 92 and 118.
Shetland Summer Sea, 2ply Jumper Weight: 132, FC34, 65, FC24, and FC44.
Lerwick Daisies, 2ply Jumepr Weight: 1, 23, FC11, FC12 and FC44.
South End of Lerwick, 2ply Jumper Weight: FC15, FC45, FC43, 2, 78 and 81.

So that takes us up to July, we will continue to share these round ups every few months but you can see the posts each week over on our social media, happy knitting!

2ply Lace Sale

Hello everyone, for the next week (Tuesday 13th July 2021 – Tuesday 20th July) we are offering 20% off individual balls of our Woollen Spun 2ply Lace on the Website. This is a great chance to stock up if you are a fan or to try it out!

This range is currently available in 31 shades ranging from brights and pastels to dyed naturals. Its traditionally used to knit Shetland Lace – scarfs, stoles, shawls etc but its a lovely yarn that also works well for light weight garments or for holding together with other yarns for marls or to create a thicker yarn.

This range is one up from our finest 1plys, 2ply Lace weight can also be used in any pattern calling for 3ply Yarn, making it a perfect yarn for Vintage patterns. Like the cobweb it is blended with Lambswool to give it some added softness. Having the yarn slightly thicker than the 1ply means it gives a bit of substance to lace patterns but also means it will keep you warm in a scarf or stole.

There are a couple of shades already reduced (L3, L15 and L93) and L1A is missing from the above shade cards as we have taken it back for 1 batch, but apart from that you can see the rest of the shades above.

You can find the 2ply Lace on the website here, happy knitting!

Shetland College Project 2021

Hello everyone, every year we work together with students at the Shetland College on the Contemporary Textiles and Fine Art courses on a project inspired by Jamieson & Smith and our yarns (in particular our worsted spun ranges) and ask them to create a piece of work in response. This past year has been a bit more tricky but we were still able to go ahead with the project and last week I (Ella) headed to the college to see the (as always, amazing) results:

Alana McGuiness used tapestry weaving for her piece of work:

This tapestry piece is based on a croft house on Bressay that has fascinated me for some time. I had been looking at the history behind Jamieson and Smith, and in particular their connection to the crofters and the strong traditional links between Shetlanders, the sheep and the heritage crafts. In the end I found what better could represent such history than a croft. Still surrounded by and sheltering Shetland sheep to this day, these ruins still play a part. The modern crofts are still the silent partners of Jamison & Smith. They rely on the crofters to produce the wool and the crofters rely on them to purchase the fleece.

I also intended to celebrate the Shetland wool, as Jamieson & Smith had done, in championing what was previously an at-risk heritage breed. I wanted to highlight the natural colours, textures and properties behind the wool. I used a mixture of J&S wool, roving, some handspun and some raw wool from a local croft. I wanted viewers to be able to see and feel the differences in the wool dependant on how it is processed and therefore its suitability for a variety of uses. I used a simple frame as my loom and a handspun warp to create a contemporary textile using traditional and simple techniques.

Hetty Mahon used weaving for her piece:

‘Based on the yarn shop and inspired by the shelves of coloured yarn which promise such potential!

I decided to combine elements of proposals 2 and 3 and create a woven piece in a grid pattern reflecting the wool shop shelves with the sheep colours incorporated or superimposed onto it.

A final decision was taken to use a combination of J and S heritage shades of dark fawn and light grey as the weft on snaa white warp. The combining of the weft yarns gave an attractive mottled appearance which worked better than the individual shades.

Two twill patterns were selected to be alternated between grid squares

Final piece: grid pattern woven in different twills in Jamieson and Smith Heritage yarns. Examples of the different colours of Shetland sheep created from natural wool roving.

Richard Mains weaving was inspired by the wool stalls:

‘My final proposal was inspired by the overwhelming presence of wool in the warehouse. Considering that even when the warehouse was empty there would still be tufts of raw wool sticking to the wire mesh enclosures which had housed the wool prior to collection.

I decided to focus my work on diamond mesh patterns with tufts of roving woven in at random intervals to simulate that aesthetic from a design perspective by having tidy pieces of roving hanging down instead of ragged pieces.’

Susan Pearsons work combined our Heritage Yarns and Combed Tops with sculpture.

‘The wrapping felt poignant; with connotations of protection. I thought of gutter’s hands, of wrapped footwear, wrapping shawls and swaddling babies.

I used second-hand pieces of knitting, and 8 undyed Shetland Heritage yarns and mixed undyed wool roving to wrap around the abstract figures.

For the faces, I made moulds and cast them with plaster of paris. The faces seemed too white with the natural yarn, so I painted them but did not add detail because that detracted from the main body of the piece.

The pallet used as a plinth is a nod to the more industrialside of the business. A reminder of the work that goes into the products.’

We also had a video animation piece by Clair Davenport which you can see above.

‘I wanted to respond to the fact that Shetland sheep neared extinction in the seventies and were thus crossed. But I also wanted to create something imaginative and fictional.

I started to note down plot points and here and there designed props. I tried to make lots of separate parts that could be joined with a pin to ensure movement. I made scenic backgrounds using splashes of ink and drawing. Some of these were also joined with pins to ensure their movement, like the sea. I gathered materials from the hillside, such as this heather that had been uprooted.

There were snags along the way. How do I create standing and moving props without somebody’s assistance? I can’t feasibly crop hands out of hundreds of pictures? I tried to make heads that would observe the sheep, like totems, out of plaster and paper eyelids and eyes but unfortunately the DIY plaster I bought was too brittle. I wanted the protagonist to go on a long journey. This was probably the best prop, using screws as legs. I studied legs in motion and after a few drawings was able to create a credible movement.

I enjoyed looking at how I could weave the sheep in and out of the landscape, cutting its body into parts as it went behind a tree. The Magic Egg. The egg came about fairly accidentally as I wondered how I could make a contracting and expanding structure out of paper either as an egg or a time machine.

I was pleased with my egg and its mechanism – short and longer tears and clips on each segment to help it contract and expand – but in future it would be better to use a textile and thread or something more durable. I enjoyed searching free for suitable clips. Using fade ins and outs on premiere pro helped temper the sound effects from frame to frame. Using templates I made heads and bodies and joined them with a double-ended pin. I would like to expand on character making next year with more movable parts that are joined by clips or pins. Plasticine for gestures and expressions can be very messy and tear the paper.

I was very pleased with the rain and its simplicity – long vertical cuts in the paper letting the strip slide up and down at will.’

So for another year that’s our work with the students of the Shetland College, we really enjoy supporting them and every year we are so impressed with the quality of work – and this year for the project to have still been able to go ahead is quite remarkable so we are extra pleased!

Happy knitting 🙂