Up Helly Aa

It’s Lerwick Up Helly Aa today. Love it, or think it’s pure madness, it’s just not possible to ignore the excitement in the town today!

It started when we couldn’t get to work behind the Jarl Squad pulling the galley around the town this morning (or get to the bar last night when all the guizers finished having their photos taken).

The galley this morning.

It’s impossible not to get the jitters. It’s only about 8 hours until the street lights go out, the blast sounds, the sky turns red and the air is thick with the smell of burning. Then no more galley, poor thing.


Oliver’s taken the whole week off to get ready (he’s in a squad), and then probably recover! If you’re not here, join the party with the webcam after 4pm tonight.

Fiery 2ply Jumper Weight. From top left: 9097, FC38, 1403, 122, 9103. 91, 23, 125, 93, 42, 1A, 77.


One thought on “Up Helly Aa

  1. hasenschneck January 25, 2011 / 7:24 pm

    Love the wool and the fact that there's a Shetlopedia. Fantastic!

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