65 years, and into our 66th

Eva's motif library

In the Jamieson & Smith archives there are piles of notebooks with charted motifs over every page. They were made by Eva Smith of Berry Farm, where J&S first started, and they’re brilliant sources of information and inspiration. Below is a picture of Eva that accompanies the introduction to Knit Real Shetland, which we’re currently parcelling up to go to a US distributor (more on that shortly).

Eva on a Shetland pony with her friend on a Shetland Sheep and her dad, John Smith (Auld Sheepie), in the 1930s.

In other news, we’re back from our holidays (as of yesterday) and would like to say thankyou for reading our blog, and for supporting Jamieson & Smith in our 65th year. Here’s to a brilliant 2012.


6 thoughts on “65 years, and into our 66th

  1. Joanne A Sinclair-Muir January 6, 2012 / 3:33 pm

    I will most definitely look forward to reading more about this. I am really quite intrigued by it. Please include their lifestyle too. Thank you for taking the time to do it!

    All of the Best,

    Joanne A Sinclair-Muir

  2. Anne January 6, 2012 / 5:24 pm

    I think I see a new J&S book right there!

  3. mandyangela January 14, 2012 / 8:14 pm

    Lovely pic, and I like Anne’s idea of a book 🙂

  4. Camilla January 21, 2012 / 4:48 pm

    I could really use a shade card – any hope??

  5. Jamieson&Smith January 30, 2012 / 4:36 pm


    We’ll have one shortly… A couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the website for more details.

    S x

  6. camillaerlandsson January 30, 2012 / 5:11 pm

    Thank you, I will!

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