New Leaves

Remember in Shetland Wool Week 2011, my favourite hat sparked a Ravelry thread and a lot of excitement in general after appearing on Kate Davies blog?

Well… here it is. I give you Leaves Tam, from the ridiculously talented Outi Kater, available as a kit from Jamieson & Smith.  Outi hails from Finland, but now lives in the West Side of Shetland with her husband and two daughters.

Leaves Tam combines a motif of Outi’s own creation, plant leaves, on the crown, with book leaves – a well known motif from Finland – around the body of the hat. The book leaf motif is traditionally worked in two colours, but Outi’s choice of shades makes the hues and patterns look like they’re dancing. This is one seriously beautiful hat (I know, I know, we’re all biased. But it’s true).

Leaves Tam is special in another way too – it marks the return of/introduces a lovely deep bright pink, shade 52 (available exclusively in Leaves Tam until May 2012).

With new leaves and uplifting colours, and a week of bright weather in the UK, this design is very timely indeed. We hope you love it as much as we do.


One thought on “New Leaves

  1. Liz March 29, 2012 / 7:28 am

    This is stunning – and I may have to order a kit in time for autumn on this side of the world….

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