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Weaving With J&S Yarns

Here at J&S we hear a lot about the knitting being done with our yarns but for a change we have some lovely weaving that was made using Jamieson & Smith.

Amy Gair is a Shetlander who after studying at Shetland College (With Ella) has gone away to Galashiels in the Scottish Border, arguably the home of weaving in Scotland to finish her studies.


detail of the Cape

Amy has come home for the summer and brought in her cape she made for the Farlin Project, an exhibition of craft and poetry by partnerships between poets and craft-makers in Shetland and Fife, in the project Amy was paired with Poet Andy Jackson.


Amys Cape, woven using our 2ply Jumper Weight

In Amys own words:  “The Storytellers cape was made using 100% Shetland Wool, and the theme behind it was the sea. During my first few months away from Shetland, it struck me just how lucky Shetlanders are that they get to see the sea from almost every angle.The idea of this being the story tellers cape came from the idea that the sea holds many memories and stories, good and bad, but not everyone know’s what they are. The cape is supposed to hold all these stories in one, evoke memories of the sea and places we call home to its viewers.”

This is the poem which was written to go in connection with Amys Cape:


Marriage Guidance


Who wears a cloak of woven gold?
Has no-one told you glam is out,
that foxy royals favour shabby chic?
These days it’s all about the bold
rejection of convention, so shout
it from the highest turret; weak
is the woman who marries for wealth –
a rich man would happily marry himself.


Who would wear this feathered cloak?
Do you think the birds would give
the very things that make them free,
without a fight? The kind of bloke
who breaks a wing would have you live
in batteries, clipped and flightless. He
may lure you with his cooing words,
but choosing to be caged is for the birds.


Who would wear this cloak of reeds?
Hope you had the sense to keep
the gift receipt. You may start to plan
your strategies of love, the seeds
of passion germinating in the deep
of your womb, disrobing for your man
rush by rush, but girl, here’s the news;
love is just lust in sensible shoes.

Andy Jackson

To read more about the Cape and about Amys weaving you can see her blog here, we’ve had the Cape in the shop for a couple of days and we’ve had so many comments on it.  its beautiful!

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  1. Julie Rutter #

    I use J&S yarns for weaving, but I make inkle and tablet woven braids.

    June 11, 2013
  2. Patty #

    What sett do you use for weavinng twill with the 2 ply jumper weight yarn?

    October 2, 2018

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