Wool Week Day 2 – Tuesday

Today we had one of the classes i was most excited to see, a spinning class! Sue from the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Weavers, Knitters and Dyers came to the shop and we had a small class due to the space but also so the ladies could get some good one on one teaching

PicMonkey Collage

Sue did a bit of demonstration, but pretty soon they dived right in, they all had a bag of Shetland Combed tops to try out which meant they could just get going and try it out!




Me and Sandra had lots to do but kept having a look to see how the ladies were getting on, it looked very therapeutic!


Alongside the many knitters in the shop we also had a visit from a group which were on a Field Farm Tour, which is a group that takes Farmers and people involved in the agricultural sector on tours all over the world, and this week they are in Shetland. Oliver gave them a tour and told them all about what we do at J&S. It was great to have so many people in the shop who may do totally different things but they are all supporting Crofting and in turn Wool production.


A couple from the group presented Oliver with a piece of traditional Northern Irish pottery, Reggie and Ruth gave the set to Oliver as a thank you for his talk, which was really nice of them!

In the afternoon, Elizabeth Johnston from Shetland Handspun came to give a class on Shetland Lace, she talked about history and techniques and this class was a bit quieter than the others, i think there was a lot of concentrating!

PicMonkey Collagex


all the ladies were helping and encouraging each other



So that was today, there is a great buzz around the shop and with so much stuff going on all over Shetland, especially in Lerwick its a good time to be a knitter in Shetland!

see you tomorrow!

happy knitting x

2 thoughts on “Wool Week Day 2 – Tuesday

  1. Lisa Åslund October 8, 2013 / 9:13 pm

    Tänk om jag kunde få vara med

  2. terri October 8, 2013 / 11:32 pm

    I popped in to the shop today, around the time the spinners were finishing plying their first yarn – it all looked very good!
    Couldn’t resist all the colours and ended up buying lots to take home and start an Alice Starmore ‘Marina’ cardigan. Thanks – the shop is a wonderful place to visit.

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