Wool Week Day 3 – Wednesday

I cant believe we are half way through the week already! Today we had another brilliant Fair Isle Class with Hazel Tindall



As the rain poured outside the ladies chose two colours and got started with their knitting. Hazel gave them a chart and they could choose to knit a wristwarmer or a skinny scarf. She also brought in some examples of her Fair Isle knitting for us to see


And the quiet set in as they all began to concentrate..

PicMonkey Collage


At the end of the class there was a great start to the knitting for the class members to take away and add to.


In the afternoon we had a visit from the Whalsay Bairns Knitting Club, we first met the girls when they came to visit us a few months ago to be filmed for the BBC. The group consists of about 10 or so young girls who have a knitting club at their school in Whalsay at lunchtimes and after school.


PicMonkey Collage2

There have been various photographers and camera crews in this week and today was no different. Some of the girls even had a go!



A lot of the girls were working on Fair Isle Yoke jumpers and cardigans or hats. You could see how good their skills were and it was inspiring to see. As we said in the previous blog post about them, they are Shetland’s future knitters!

IMG_0883This is the lasses with their teacher Amanda who organises their knitting club. Her passion and skills are all being past onto the girls and long may it continue!

Tomorrow we have a bit of Needle felting in the morning and a free afternoon to catch up on our orders and hopefully see more visitors, til then..

happy knitting!


4 thoughts on “Wool Week Day 3 – Wednesday

  1. Stephanie (foggyknitter) October 10, 2013 / 1:39 pm

    What fabulous knitting those girls are doing, I’m most impressed, I tried several times to learn to knit at that age and I never got beyond a few stitches. Beautiful jumpers and cardigans they are wearing.

  2. curtthesheep October 10, 2013 / 3:04 pm

    London, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Madrid, Munich, Sydney, Napier, St Simon`s Island all have their CfW Wool Weeks but nowhere else can match the enthusiasm, passion, dedication and love of wool that thrives in Lerwick! Real Shetland Wool, a very special fibre for the Real Knitter!

  3. shetlandhandknitter October 10, 2013 / 5:30 pm

    Simply brilliant to see Amanda and Da lasses in your blog this week. What lovely knitwear they’re wearing and knitting! So true to say they are our future knitters.

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