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Winter Project #1 – additions to the online shop

Now that the 2013 wool season has died down and Shetland Wool Week has passed for another year we have time to gather our thoughts in what is a slightly quieter time of the year at J&S. This also means we can work on a variety of exciting projects to bring you new products and patterns that use our lovely Real Shetland Wool. The first of these has been sorting through our cones of yarn and getting our Shetland Aran and Shetland Heritage cones on our online shop.Original Shetland Heritage ConesThe Shetland Aran comes in either 500g or 1kg cones which are equivalent to either 10 or 20 balls and the Shetland Heritage comes in 1kg cones which are equivalent to 40 balls. Buying cones gives you a huge saving of 40% for Shetland Aran and 61% for Shetland Heritage to the equivalent weight of balls of yarn. So for larger projects or if you are a regular knitter this is a great option for you. We only take in a limited amount of cones with each batch of yarn produced so to prevent disappointment get yours early before they run out. New Shetland Heritage ConesYou can find Shetland Aran cones here, Shetland Heritage cones here and an updated Jumper Weight cones page here, scrolling down each page to get the full range.

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