Here’s to another fantastic year!

Happy New Year to you all, we hope you’ve had a great Christmas! All you knitters certainly don’t take it easy over the festive as we have had heaps of orders to make up and send out today now that we’re back open after the holidays. It looks like lots of interesting new projects will be popping up all over at the start of 2014.

Thank you to everyone for your custom in 2013, we really do love seeing all the places around the world that we send out parcels to, especially imagining what will be created from all the varying colour combinations we get orders for. We look forward to working with you all in this new year and making it as good as the last one!

January 2014

Here’s a quick snap I took earlier today in Lerwick. Although the south of the UK is being battered by storms and the US by snowstorms the weather has been quite benign and mild in Shetland today (sorry!). For those who know Lerwick well you will know this was taken down next to the Shetland Museum and Archives. The very high tides we are having just now are just coming over the tops of the piers that are usually well above the sea.

One thought on “Here’s to another fantastic year!

  1. Martin Curtis January 7, 2014 / 12:52 pm

    I hope you also have a Happy New Year.
    With the plans that Oliver, Adam and I are working on at the moment, 2014 will be a momentous year for Jamieson and Smith and the Real Shetland Company.
    We have already hinted that a new Real Shetland wool yarn range is under construction and we think it will be a wonderful addition to the unique heritage of Jamieson and Smith (J and S). J and S have supported the crofters and sheep producers of the Shetland Islands over the years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The future is bright, the future is Real Shetland wool!
    We can`t be all things to all men and women but we will do our best to keep traditional knitters and designers fully involved and happy whilst at the same time bring new products on to the market that will encourage a new generation of knitters and designers to embrace the Real Shetland story.

    We appreciate your support and with new IT on the horizon as well as new yarns we hope to make the experience of shopping at J and S a much easier and pleasurable experience…..
    Best wishes, Martin

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