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Lerwick Up Helly Aa 2014

Up Helly Aa day dawned wet and windy, I could hear the Jarls Squad cheering from my bed so I got up and headed to the Street..


One of the main parts of the day is The Bill on the Street, it was surrounded by tourists having a look.


A Up Helly Aa flag flying on the Lodberrie.


Me and my Sister and her bairns battled our way back to the street to see the Jarl squad at the Market Cross, I even caught a glimpse of Oliver among the beards!

IMG_1730 IMG_1729

It was a very damp morning but my head was especially cosy with my Up Helly Aa hat Sandra made for me, it depicts the torchlight procession which takes place at night


Due to the strong winds the Galley  was moved to the Hillhead, I was able to get some nice photos once it had calmed down and the Jarl Squad had headed into the Town Hall



In the afternoon I headed to the Shetland Museum and Archives to see the Jarl Squad in a drier environment!



This gave me a chance to see the suit a bit more up close and see some of the details Stuart mentioned in his post  on Tuesday


After a bit of a rest I wander down to watch the Junior Procession, which takes place at 5.30pm


IMG_1764Although the rain had stopped the wind had picked up and by the time for the senior procession at 7.30 it was very windy!

IMG_2903But everything went to plan and the warmth from the torches made the wind not seem so bad!


Oh and of course my hat was still keeping me warm!


After the procession its time to get ready for the night of revellry, all the squads (and there are 50 or so!!) go around all the halls and do an act and a bit of dancing.


I was at the Gilbertson Park Games Hall and it was great night, the Jarl Squad was last at the Gibbie so it was 8.30am before I went home.. luckily just a short walk across the Park!


I cant believe its over for another year! there are still lots of Fire Festivals that go on in different parks of the Islands until March so there’s plenty of fun still to be had!

If you would like to see any more photos from the day, have a look here and here.


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  1. Such a special event. I hope one day I will be able to visit Shetland and see it for myself.

    January 30, 2014
  2. Thank you for all the great photos, it almost feels as if I was there.

    January 31, 2014
  3. It takes a lot of time to get to Shetland from most places – so, it’s a toss-up between getting there for Wool Weel or Up Helly Aa!! I think Wool Week wins unfortunately!

    February 3, 2014

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