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British Knitting Awards 2015!

Happy Friday! We have some exciting news today, we have again been nominated for Best British Brand in the British Knitting Awards! You might remember last year we were nominated and we came third so we are very happy to have been nominated again.

last years award sits proudly on our counter!

last years award sits proudly on our counter!

If you would like to vote for us, please click here or the vote for us button below. Everything we do here at Jamieson & Smith is to further and strengthen the Shetland Wool Clip meaning we have the lovely Shetland Wool for generations to come. Hopefully this comes across in some of the recent blogs (see here here here), and also the yarn series we are currently doing going through all our yarn weights.(see here here here) speaking of which we will get back too in the next couple of weeks. Summer is quite busy in the shop which is a good thing! but it means less time for blogging.


So please give us a vote if you appreciate what we do here, and til next time Happy Knitting!

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  1. We may be small but we make up for that with creativity, passion, hard work and the relentless pursuit of regaining the true heritage of Real Shetland Wool Grown in the Shetland Islands. Your support is essential and very much appreciated.
    I go to Shetland next week and I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful landscape (and seascape) once again.
    Best wishes
    Ps if it doesn’t carry the 3 Sheep logo beware of imitations!

    June 13, 2015
  2. AnD don’t forget to vote for Shetland Wool Week while you are voting!

    June 13, 2015

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