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Fruity Knitting Podcast

Hello! We have something exciting to share today, a couple of weeks ago me (Ella) and Oliver filmed a few interviews for the Fruity Knitting podcast on youtube. It came out yesterday so you can watch it now!

For more information you can read over on the Fruity Knitting blog. Thank you to Andrea and Andrew for asking us to take part!

Speak soon!

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  1. NancyMac #

    It was wonderful to see Ella on the Fruity Knitting Podcast and a privilege to learn from ‘the man himself’ Oliver, all about grading the various types of fleeces and the vast amount of decisions that are needed during this grading process. Very educational indeed.

    And long may the campaign to educate the world, about the wonders of Shetland Wool continue to bring attention to a superb product; produced by the wonderful crofters of the Shetland Isles. And a big nod to all the designers and knitters of the Isles, who make this beautiful wool look so fantastic!!!

    March 8, 2017

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