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Wool Awareness Event

Hello everyone! So this past Saturday we hosted something a bit different at J&S, a Wool Awareness event. This was for our crofters and wool producers and focused on the ways to present the wool so as to get the best price. Jan, Oliver and Derek were all on hand to advise and talk through with the visitors about what was on show.

The woolstore was laid out brilliantly with examples of all the different grades we take in as well as what we don’t want and how it can lower the price the crofter receives, this was great I thought (as a non-crofter!) because it was well described as to why this lowers the value and I could see what was wrong with it compared to the other examples.

We also had fancys!

And fleece-rolling demonstrations!

We had as well a display of all the yarns and products we make so you could also see the finished product – a number of the visitors came into the shop afterwards and all the feedback I had was really good, so I hope those that came enjoyed it.

Its extremely important to us to support the crofters as much as we can, after all we wouldn’t get very far without them! I made a quick video on Saturday too which you can see below, Happy Knitting!


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  1. you guys, this is so very good! Good on you! It is also so important for crofters and wool producers to think about the value that others put on the wool.

    June 13, 2017
  2. thecrazysheeplady #

    What a great event!

    June 13, 2017
  3. sophy0075 #

    Thank you for holding this. It is so sad to read how so many shepherds view wool as a nuisance waste product of their flock. Education like this will help them and the handspinning/knitting/weaving community.

    June 13, 2017
  4. Merry Christmas from Bulgaria X #

    Wish l could have been with you all looks great

    June 13, 2017
  5. Susan #

    GROAN, I could SMELL the wool and practically ‘taste’ IT! And then the fancy’s……I’m going to make a sponge with whipped cream and jam to compensate……..haha thank you, that was great!

    June 13, 2017

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