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Hand Knits

Hello everyone, happy weekend! Today is just a quick post to show you some of the hand-knit accessories we have in stock just now, first off we have a limited amount of hand-knit versions of Olivers Hat from ‘Jamieson & Smith A Shetland Story‘ These have been hand-knit by the designer, our very own Sandra Manson so this a special opportunity to get your hands on one! We have added a J&S star tag to mark its authenticity:

We also have a selection of hats which are knit by a lovely lady here in Shetland, they are all made using vintage and new shades of Jumper Weight and each one is different, so you will never see another the same!

And we have some Fingerless Gloves (although that sounds wrong – they do have fingers, just small ones!)

and also Fingerless Mitts (no fingers at all, just ribbing at the top) again knit by a selection of ladies in Shetland using vintage and new wool in a range of one-off patterns.

Now as most of these are one-offs you need to get in quick if you see ones you fancy! If they have sold out before we get to your order we will be in touch but I thought we would mention them for (ahem ahem) Christmas gifts as due to the ongoing COVID related delays Royal Mail has put in extremely early last recommended posting dates for international Christmas Delivery – we have already passed one of them!! :

Monday 5 October All non-European destinations
(except South Africa, Canada, Middle
and Far East, USA)
Monday 12 October Middle and Far East, Hong Kong,
Singapore, South Africa
Monday 2 November Canada, Cyprus, Eastern Europe,
Greece, Iceland, Malta, Turkey, USA
Monday 16 November Western Europe

So that’s some of the accessories we have in stock, they are selling fast already! Happy knitting!

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  1. Linda #

    Do you have a lot for Oliver’s hat and fingerless gloves?

    October 9, 2020
  2. Linda #

    Do you have a kit for Oliver’s hat and fingerless gloves?

    October 9, 2020
  3. No sorry but the pattern for the hat is on our book, we do have kit for other styles of fingerless mitts which you can find on our website under kits 😊

    October 10, 2020
  4. Nordie #

    I think a series on your knitters would/could be interesting. E.g. your alpha/beta knitters (those that try out patterns, give you feedback without their items reaching market), plus your “production” knitters (those whose goods are then sold).

    Who are they, is this a part time or main job; when do they knit; how long does it take to make a specific item; how did they get to do it, who taught them how to knit and read patterns etc?

    Just a thought on another stream of content……….

    October 10, 2020

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