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Wirsit Inspo – March/April/May so far

Hello everyone, happy weekend! Its still pretty cold here in Shetland but we are hoping better weather will be coming soon, this week we are back with our coverage of our Wirsit Inspo (wool inspiration) posts from our Facebook and Instagram posts through March, April and May:

Bains Beach, 2ply Jumper Weight: 1, 1281, 54, FC11 and 18
Misty day at West Voe Beach, 2ply Jumper Weight; FC34, 1280, 1A, FC43 and 54.
Da Lodberrie, 2ply Jumper Weight: 81, FC37, 18, 28, 1281 and 34.
Buoys and Nets, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: 125, 90, 95, 23, 91 and 71.
Daffodils at the Town Hall, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: 1A, FC15, FC45, 91, 23 and FC12
Deep Green Sea, 2ply Jumper Weight: 118, FC24, 34, 2, 54 and 81.
At the Peat Hill, 2ply Jumper Weight: FC43, 78, 122, FC44, 80 and 81.

So that takes up to our most recent post, we will post another round up again in a few weeks, we hope these posts give you some inspiration! Happy Knitting!

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  1. I love seeing these inspirations.

    May 15, 2021
  2. Susan #

    Inspirations PLUS !! Thank you.

    May 15, 2021

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