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2ply Lace Sale

Hello everyone, for the next week (Tuesday 13th July 2021 – Tuesday 20th July) we are offering 20% off individual balls of our Woollen Spun 2ply Lace on the Website. This is a great chance to stock up if you are a fan or to try it out!

This range is currently available in 31 shades ranging from brights and pastels to dyed naturals. Its traditionally used to knit Shetland Lace – scarfs, stoles, shawls etc but its a lovely yarn that also works well for light weight garments or for holding together with other yarns for marls or to create a thicker yarn.

This range is one up from our finest 1plys, 2ply Lace weight can also be used in any pattern calling for 3ply Yarn, making it a perfect yarn for Vintage patterns. Like the cobweb it is blended with Lambswool to give it some added softness. Having the yarn slightly thicker than the 1ply means it gives a bit of substance to lace patterns but also means it will keep you warm in a scarf or stole.

There are a couple of shades already reduced (L3, L15 and L93) and L1A is missing from the above shade cards as we have taken it back for 1 batch, but apart from that you can see the rest of the shades above.

You can find the 2ply Lace on the website here, happy knitting!

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