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Virtual Shetland Wool Week 2021

Hello everyone, this Saturday sees the beginning of our Virtual Shetland Wool Week! unfortunately the in-person events were cancelled this year thanks to Covid but everyone here is Shetland has been working hard to organise lots of online content for you all to enjoy.

Here at J&S we have decided again to have a range of videos available for free on our Youtube Channel, a video will go up every working day for the Week of Wool Week and here is a bit of information about each one to whet your appetite:

Saturday 25th September In the Footsteps of John ‘Sheepie’ Smith – a road trip with Oliver focusing on important places in the history of J&S and its founder, John ‘Sheepie’ Smith
Monday 27th SeptemberBasics and Belts with Hazel Tindal – An introduction to Shetland knitting techniques with legendary Shetland designer Hazel Tindall.
Tuesday 28th SeptemberMy Life in Shetland Wool with Oliver Henry – Throughout his 50+ years at Jamieson & Smith Oliver has seen it all and this video covers some of his highlights from his career.
Wednesday 29th SeptemberEdging and Ribbing in Fair Isle Knitting with Alison Rendall – This video focuses on the edging of mitts and gloves in Shetlander designer Alison Rendalls designs and how you can incorporate it into your knitting.
Thursday 30th SeptemberGlove Fingers in Fair Isle Knitting with Lesley Smith – Continuing patterning when working with Fair Isle gloves can be tricky but Shetland designer Lesley Smith takes you through how she does it.
Friday 1st OctoberSpeed Swatching for Fair Isle Knitting with Ella Gordon – Making sure your colours work together is important before you undertake a Fair Isle project, Shetland designer Ella Gordon shows you how she does it in the least painful way! (ie no purling!) 
Saturday 2nd OctoberShetland Trader Book 3: Heritage, A Conversation with Gudrun Johnston – before the launch of her new book we join Shetland-born designer Gudrun to go through her new designs inspired by her Mams work.

So we are really excited for you all to see them, we have worked again with Keiba of Keiba film for our weekday tutorial videos then here at J&S we have put together the others, we hope you enjoy them. Each day we will be posting about that days video on our Facebook and instagram so make sure you are following us.

If you haven’t already subscribed to our Youtube channel now is the time and you can look back at some of our videos from last year before this years videos come out.

We’d also encourage you to follow along with the official Shetland Wool Week website, instagram and facebook so you can follow along with virtual Shetland Wool Week.

Happy knitting, watching and enjoying!

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  1. Heather Burkitt #

    Thank you very much for organising these. I’m looking forward to watching them & being informed & inspired.

    September 22, 2021
  2. barbarab #

    Excellent. I am pleased to be able to “take part” from Alberta, Canada.

    September 23, 2021
  3. Thanks for sharing

    November 28, 2021

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