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Our Raffle Winners!

2ply Jumper Weight in shades 132 and 23

Hello everyone, happy Friday! today we are announcing the names of the winners of our recent Raffle! 2 weeks ago today we decided (very last minute) to hold a raffle to raise money for the children caught up in the conflict in Ukraine, like all of you we have been so shocked and saddened and wanted to do something to help. So we selected a group of prizes and made a product for a raffle ticket and left it over the weekend, we were amazed at the response locally and around the world. Aptly that Saturday here in Shetland we attended a vigil held at the Market Cross in Lerwick, it really felt that in Shetland we were supporting people in Ukraine.

We decided to hold the raffle from Friday 5th – Tuesday 8th so that we could get our money raised donated as quickly as possible so it could help. Amazingly in those 4 day’s we sold over 2500 tickets, and with a £1000 donation from J&S as a company and our staff members contributions we managed to raise £6,040 and donated it directly to UNICEF on 11th March, we were so happy at what we managed to achieve and thank you to all that entered.

The raffle numbers were drawn by an independent party and we then matched it up to a spreadsheet where we had added everyone who bought a ticket, giving each entry a line, this was then randomised as the numbers and winners were matched as follows:

Skye Weavers Rug: Sara Allredge, USA

Sheelagh Shawl Kit: Karen Gunn, Scotland

Full set of Supreme Jumper Weight: Margaret Franco, USA

Fair Isle Cap Kit: Marlene Sim, Shetland

Sorcha Cabled Tunic Kit: Nancy Leher, USA

Antarctica Allover Kit: We are still waiting to hear from this winner, if your initials are DP please check your Junk Mail Folder, we have been trying to contact you!

the prizes!

So we have posted out 5 out of 6 prizes and hopefully this post will alert our final winner! We are really grateful for the support we received from our customers and how generous you were, thank you again! If you still want support UNICEF you can donate directly at this link.

Happy knitting x

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  1. Leanna #

    This is sooo good to hear! I am so glad the raffle was so successful! Thank you for this marvelous opportunity to support Ukraine, and thank you for sharing the good news!

    March 18, 2022
  2. Susan #

    Made me tear up, that was awesome!! Thank you for doing this.

    March 18, 2022
  3. Дякую, for assisting Ukraine in her hour of need. Here in Toronto many events have been happening because the Ukrainian community is large and strong. When a small community like Shetland joins in, it is very touching. I am not Ukrainian but have had many friends all my life who are. So, truly, thank you, Дякую, for your kindness.

    March 18, 2022
  4. What a wonderful amount to have raised. Well done. I was pleased to have joined in with you x

    March 18, 2022

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