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Wovember 2012

It is already half way through Wovember 2012 and we have realised that all has gone quiet on the J&S blog front recently. So to contribute our little bit to this magnificent month we thought we would give you a … Continue reading

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wool everywhere

The wool store here at Jamieson and Smith is filling up. Everyday pick-ups and trailers are parking up outside and off-loading the raw wool that turns into our lovely 100% Shetland Wool yarn. Today the sun is shining here in … Continue reading

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Sheep Carousel by Kate Davies

We’ve been impatiently waiting for our postie to bring us a whole load of Sheep Carousel patterns. Well now they’re here! This is the latest in a series of sheepy designs by Kate Davies. Kate is dedicated to the British … Continue reading

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Unst and Harrogate

The prize winning coloured Shetland Sheep at the very wet Unst show last Saturday. We’re off to Harrogate for the British Wool Weekend this weekend, so come and say hello if you’re around. Hopefully be back with lots of photos … Continue reading

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The Cunningsburgh Show

     A mammoth photo post of the Cunningsburgh Show this Wednesday.  1.Entrance to the Wool tent  2, 3, 4.Oliver’s fleece judging skills put to the test again 5, 6, 7. Some prize winning Shetland Sheep 8. Charlie Simpson and a … Continue reading

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Shetland Sheep spend their days ambling around the coastline eating heather and seaweed. This diet, along with the weather conditions, is what gives the wool it’s lustre, fineness and bounce.  We’ve said this all before but we thought it was … Continue reading

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Zero Waste

Reading about the Zero-Waste course at Parson’s School of Fashion reminded me of just how great hand-knitting is, particularly in terms of how little waste it produces. This is before you even start to consider the sustainable qualities of real … Continue reading

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