Happy Christmas

Sheep Grazing in the Snow, 1953

Sheep Grazing in the Snow, 1953

We are now closed for 2013 and will open on Monday 6th January 2014,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customer and friends for their business in 2013 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Knitting x

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The Knitter Issue 66

TKN66.cmyk_cover.inddWe recently received our copy of the December issue of The Knitter which has three patterns in it using Jamieson & Smith Yarns! the first is a lovely stole by Judy Furlong which uses Cobweb Yarn alongside 2ply Jumper Weight for a 3D effect

photo copyright:  The Knitter/Jesse Wild

photo copyright: The Knitter/Jesse Wild

This ethereal stole, which is named Eirwen, has textured ‘boxes’ which are knit in the Jumper Weight alongside a Cobweb stocking stitch and a Shetland Lace Edging.

TKN66.judy.1791The next pattern is a beautiful pair of beaded arm warmers by Barb Brown

photo copyright: The Knitter/ Jesse Wild

photo copyright: The Knitter/ Jesse Wild

The Samarkand arm warmers extend almost up to the elbow has peerie Fair Isle patterns with subtle beading to bring out the colours of the Heritage worsted spun yarn, they are knit in Berry Wine and Auld Gold, I think the colours are perfect for this time of year!

photo copyright: The Knitter/ Jesse Wild

photo copyright: The Knitter/ Jesse Wild

The last pattern is a sampler cushion by Judy Furlong which uses both Shetland Aran and 2ply Jumper Weight together


photo copyright: The Knitter/Jesse Wild

This Cushion features Scottish themed sampler panels in Fair Isle and Sanquhar designs with a beautiful cabled Aran pleat joining them together. The Scottish Mood Cushion is part of a Knitalong in the Magazine, which had the Aran sections in Issue 65.

its very inspiring to see the different things designers can do with our wool!

Happy Knitting x

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Sandra’s 2013 Collection for J&S

They’re finally here! After many months of designing, knitting, writing, editing, test knitting, checking, checking and checking again then printing, our shiny new patterns have arrived back to J&S and are available on our online shop as kits.

Sandra's 2013 CollectionSandra constantly has new knitting ideas popping into her head that she tries out on new designs in all different shapes and sizes such as her last patterns the Sheep Cushion, Monster Mitts and Monster Muff. The following four new designs reflect a broad range of her designs; featuring Fair Isle, lace and cable knitting techniques and various weights of yarn.

Noughts & Crosses Cushion

Sandras Noughts and Crosses Cushion uses the worsted spun Cushion Yarn used in the Shetland Flag Cushion, this unique cabled design which is inspired by the OXO Fair Isle patterns has holes in the cablesfor you to pull through Shetland Comb Tops which gives the cushion texture and a bit extra squash. You could use any colour of Comb Tops to co-ordinate with any colour scheme or leave the holes empty on one side for a more subtle effect. There are lots of possibilities!

You can find the Noughts & Crosses Cushion here.

Noughts & Crosses Cushion

Noughts & Crosses Cushion blue/white

Noughts & Crosses Cushion detail

Lace Ella

The Lace Ella can be made using two of our newest yarns, Shetland Heritage and Shetland Supreme Lace Weight, this warm but surprisingly lightweight jumper features lots of different lace patterns on the front and back, with a beautiful lace patterned V on the back, and the sleeves have a classic lace motif all over.

Sandra was inspired by a popular lace pattern from the 1970s and 80s in Shetland in which a signature lace V on the back was knitted by a particular knitter and any cardigan or jumper was known to be knitted by this one knitter, this is Sandra’s interpretation of this classic style.

 You can find the Lace Ella here.

Lace Ella Heritage

Lace Ella Supreme

Lace Ella detail

Aran Star 

The Aran Star Jumper has a retro feel, Sandra was inspired by Vintage patterns to create a modern version of the jumpers you used to see all the time in Shetland. It is quite a simple design but with the bold Norwegian star its very effective, using the Shetland Aran it makes a very warm and cozy jumper for this time of year. The simple Fair Isle motif and thicker wool makes this pattern a good choice for beginners.

You can find the Aran Star here.

Aran Star

Aran Star

Aran Star detail

Hairst Cardigan 

Fair Isle Yoke cardigans are a classic in Shetlands knitwear history, and now we have a J&S version, Sandra used a beautiful palette of subtle but bright shades of Jumper Weight, we called it Hairst which means Autumn in Shetland Dialect, the classic Norwegian star and tree motif has always been passed down from family to family and with the resurgance of the popularity of Fair Isle Yokes Sandra finally wrote down her technique to pass on to you. The pattern is written with both working flat and in the round as options so you can make the Cardigan in your favourite way.

You can find the Hairst Cardigan here.

Hairst Cardigan

Hairst Cardigan

Hairst Cardigan detail

As an extra little gift all orders up until and including Friday 20th December for these new kits come with a free J&S Big Project Bag to keep your knitting tucked up in.

Happy knitting!

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Coming soon…

…four new patterns by Sandra Manson for J&S.

These include a cosy jumper made from Shetland Aran, a much sought after yoke cardigan made from our 2ply Jumper Weight, a lace jumper made in your choice of 2ply Shetland Supreme Lace or Shetland Heritage and a beautiful cushion made from yarn developed especially for our Shetland Flag Cushion pattern.

The proofs are in and have been checked so they are all ready to be printed just down the road here in Lerwick. These are the result of months of work so we are so excited to get them out to you!

More to come very soon…

Pattern Proofs

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Christmas Delivery Dates

With it now being less than a month until Christmas we’re excited to be able to give you a guide to help you prepare for any Christmas gifts you get from J&S. You should order by the following dates at the very latest:

Australasia & Asia – Tuesday 3rd December

Africa & South America – Thursday 5th December

Europe – Sunday 8th December

North America – Monday 9th December

UK – Tuesday 17th Dec

These dates are taken from a guide by the Royal Mail and are not a guarantee of delivery by the specified dates. Please order early to ensure delivery of your order. Thank you! 

Knitted Santy Socks


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Shetland Lace in Natural Shetland Wool Shades.

Are you a fan of Shetland Lace? This traditional Shetland art-form which developed out of necessity to help Shetlanders make ends meet from what they had around them has grown to become, with Fair Isle, synonymous with Shetland Knitwear Worldwide; a true home-grown institution. Now more people than ever are discovering this art for themselves, creating beautiful scarves, shawls and christening gowns to pass down to future generations as has been done in Shetland for centuries. This was why we created our new Shetland Lace Collection in 2012.

This new collection has given knitters 9 new designs to try out using our Shetland Supreme Lace Weight yarns. These yarns were developed with the Shetland Amenity Trust as part of the Shetland Fine Lace project to revive a Shetland lace yarn reminiscent of the handspun yarns that would have been used to produce Shetland Fine Lace in the past. These designs have been hugely popular with knitting kits for them being posted out from us here in Lerwick all over the world.

So to add a little bit more variation to this collection, plus a few other lace knits that use our Shetland Supreme Lace, we have added options to the online shop for you to buy these kits in the various beautiful shades of Shetland wool: natural white, fawn, moorit, grey and Shetland black. This will mean you can create something which is even more unique and individual to you.

You can find these on our online shop using the following links, and if you do decide to opt for a shade other than that of the original, please make sure your desired shade is selected before confirming your order. Thank you.

Great Grand Aunt Leezie’s Scarf by Mary Kay


Loren by Gudrun Johnston


Quarry Scarf by Ina Irvine


Anderlea Scarf by Ina Irvine


Dunella Scarf by Kathleen Anderson


Shetland Bound Stole by Monique Boonstra

Shetland Bound

Early Spring Blossom Scarf by Nancy Bush

Early SB

St. Ninian’s Scarf by Mary Kay


Kergord Scarf by Mary Kay


Madeira Lace Shawl by Joyce Ward


Eva Shawl by Gema Ord


Plus here are two others from the Shetland Lace Collection 2012 that we haven’t added shade options to due to their use of multiple shades:

Shetland Crescent by Kieran Foley


Tether by Ysolda Teague


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Winter Project #1 – additions to the online shop

Now that the 2013 wool season has died down and Shetland Wool Week has passed for another year we have time to gather our thoughts in what is a slightly quieter time of the year at J&S. This also means we can work on a variety of exciting projects to bring you new products and patterns that use our lovely Real Shetland Wool. The first of these has been sorting through our cones of yarn and getting our Shetland Aran and Shetland Heritage cones on our online shop.Original Shetland Heritage ConesThe Shetland Aran comes in either 500g or 1kg cones which are equivalent to either 10 or 20 balls and the Shetland Heritage comes in 1kg cones which are equivalent to 40 balls. Buying cones gives you a huge saving of 40% for Shetland Aran and 61% for Shetland Heritage to the equivalent weight of balls of yarn. So for larger projects or if you are a regular knitter this is a great option for you. We only take in a limited amount of cones with each batch of yarn produced so to prevent disappointment get yours early before they run out. New Shetland Heritage ConesYou can find Shetland Aran cones here, Shetland Heritage cones here and an updated Jumper Weight cones page here, scrolling down each page to get the full range.

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