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Lace Patterns

Hello everyone, one of the things we been doing during lockdown is taking our Gladys Amedro and lace patterns and adding them to Ravelry and Lovecraft’s as PDF downloads. They are all pre-digital age so it means scanning each page and reformatting them, and as they are all written out that can mean quite a few pages!

During the 1980s and 1990’s Gladys Designed a wide range of Shetland Lace patterns for J&S, they are still some of our best sellers and are seen as some of the most accomplished things you can tackle as a knitter.

clockwise: CW103, Sheelagh, CW112 and CW105

So we’ve added most of the 1ply Shawls that were left to do as well as all the matching Christening Gowns/Robes:

l-r: CW111. CW106 and CW104

As well as the Gladys Patterns that were left we’ve also added the lace scarf patterns:

clockwise: Trondra, Dale, Lunna and Tresta

And the Stole, Jacket/Bonnet and Grace Jumper:

l-r: CW108, CW113 and Grace

Unfortunately, we don’t have all the samples of the lace items – some because they are from a long time ago and we just don’t have them anymore or we’re not able to photograph them at the moment but by ensuring they are all listed on Ravelry it means people can link their projects to them so if you’ve ever made any of these patterns please link them – they are an important part of our history as some over the patterns go back over 30 years!

So if you have some time on your hands and some 1ply Cobweb, 1ply Supreme, 2ply Lace or 2ply Supreme this could be the perfect chance to try out some Shetland Lace. Thanks as always for all your support and patience, happy knitting!

Northern Lights KAL extended!

Hello everyone! we hope you are all keeping safe and well. You might remember our finish date for the Northern Lights KALwas the 1st of April.. well with everything going on we’ve decided to extend it to (provisionally) the 1st of May which means there is still plenty of time (many of us have a lot of that at the moment!) to enter if you want.. it could be the perfect time to use some of that J&S stash into something inspired by the Northern Lights.

Ali Farquhar

One thing you could make is a Katies Kep, this year’s free Shetland Wool Week pattern which came out last week, we have been amazed at the number of orders we have had for the hat so far (we have kits for the J&S colourway) but you could use some Northern Lights inspired shades.. Remember to use our Ravelry group for the KAL, we have a thread for chatting about your projects and sharing progress and then a finished objects thread for you to post the project at the end.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding during these crazy times, we are still posting out 2/3 times a week so although there may be slight delays in responding to emails and orders we are managing to keep everything going! Happy knitting xx


An Update

Olivers Coloured Sheep 025

Hello everyone, this is just a quick post to update you about what is happening at J&S during the UK lockdown thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We posted an update at the beginning of the week which came before Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his address to the UK. From Monday night we are now in a lockdown situation which affects how businesses are able to be run during this time.

We have had to close our physical shop meaning no customers can come in and shop because as per the government’s instructions we are a non-essestional business, we are able however to continue selling online, we have made changes to our staff schedules so that we are not all in at the same time and we are able to work at the appropriate distances from each other. This means however that we cannot dispatch orders every day because there are fewer of us in and there will be delays in orders and with emails being answered. We will try and post out 2 or 3 times a week, we are used to posting out every day so it is a change for us too and we appreciate your patience.

We will not be able to accept as many phone orders and would prefer if possible that you place your order online, we will be checking the answerphone when we are in but it will be dispatched earlier if placed online. We also ask that you double-check your order is completely correct before finalising it, as we cant easily make changes or add things at this time and it will delay your order further – this also applies to ensure you select the correct delivery option for your area. We have had an uptake in Shetland orders too through the online shop and we have added a Shetland Delivery option to the checkout so please make use of that if you are in Shetland.

If there are any changes we will post again here or on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Ravelry) If you have questions we are contactable on all those channels so you may find we can get back to you quicker than by email.

It is a scary period for us all so thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, keep safe and happy knitting xx

Northern Lights KAL Update

Photo Copyright: David Gifford

Hello everyone, we hope you are all doing well and keeping safe in these scary times! We are all fine here in Shetland for the moment but we are of course keeping an eye on all the advice coming in. Since we may all have a bit more time on our hand’s thanks to Coronavirus I thought we would remind you about our Northern Lights KAL, which ends in a couple of weeks. What we would like is for you to knit or crochet something inspired by the Northern Lights, that could be using the colours, motifs and shapes often seen – for more info have a look at our original post. There have been some lovely finished objects appearing in the Ravelry group so if you thought you might have time to whip something up that would be great!

Here are a few of the shared projects to whet your appetite..

L-R: Eval8, cutty-sark and brisch’s projects

L-R: NortherlyKnitting, deborahgray and klakla‘s projects

We have a Pinterest board with pictures you can use to get colour and imagery inspiration and we did another post with more ideas. So if you want to take part there is still time and we look forward to seeing all the projects,

Happy Knitting and stay safe!


Hello everyone, just a quick post to tell you about a little online only sale we are having for the next couple of weeks! we’ve reduced a selection of shades all over the ranges and added some other bits and pieces.

You can get 20% off the following shades of 2ply Jumper Weight:

top row: FC9, 1284, 132, 95. bottom row: 90, 79, 32 and 16

20% of these shades of 2ply Lace and 1ply/Supreme 1ply:

top: L136, L95, L78. middle: L68, L53, L15. bottom: L5, 1ply Cobweb Black and 1ply Shetland Supreme Shetland Black

These shades of 2ply Supreme Lace, Heritage Naturals and Aran Worsted:

top: 2ply Supreme Lace in Shetland Balck and Moorit. bottom: Shetland Heritage Naturals in Dark Fawn and Aran in Saxon Blue

We’ve added a discount on our bags:

And we’ve put together some packs of different yarns – some are old stock or test runs so there are a limited quantity but they are a good deal!

We’ve recently received more stock of our Shetland Chunky which we have discontinued and we thought was finished but we’ve found more so its available for £3.50 a ball instead of £7.50:

We’ve also put some packs together containing 7 balls of Shetland Heritage in a selection of Shades:

1 ball of Auld Gold, Indigo, Peat, Coll Black, Berry Wine, Madder and Fluggy White

We have also reduced the Calendars, Cushions and some needles. Its a great chance to get a good deal on some shades and we might be adding some more things over the weeks – it’s on from now (18th February) until the 3rd of March. Happy knitting and shopping!!

just a note: this doesn’t include yarn in kits, it’s only available at the discounted price if bought from the sale page.

This Weeks PDF patterns

Hello everyone, we’ve added some more patterns to our Ravelry and Lovecrafts pages this week, they are:

The Peerie Sheep Cushion, designed by Sandra using our Shetland Worsted Aran, this super cute peerie cushion is so effective. We’ve updated the pattern slightly to make it (hopefully) more clear and we’ve added a tutorial for the loop stitch which you can see on youtube here. We are waiting for more paper patterns so the kits are out of stock just now but will be back on next week.

The St Ninian Scarf designed by Mary Kay, this was released at Wool Week in 2011 and is knit in 1ply Shetland Supreme Lace, a scarf is a great introduction to Shetland Lace and this pattern is fully charted.

The Peerie Lynsey designed by Joyce Ward, this is a children’s version of the Lynsey jumper we added last week and its knit in 4 shades of Supreme Jumper Weight. It also uses steeks so could be a good thing to try before you broached an adult’s Fair Isle.

The final pattern for this week is the Quarry Scarf by Ina Irvine, also knit in 1ply Shetland Supreme. Its seen here in the Shetland Black and it shows the pattern so well, again this pattern is fully charted.

So you can find these patterns and more on our Ravelry and Lovecrafts shop pages, happy knitting!

This Weeks PDF patterns

Hello everyone, the days are getting brighter here in Shetland! We are continuing to add patterns online and this week’s PDF patterns added to Lovecrafts and Ravelry are:

The Rosemary Shawl CW115 by Gladys Amedro is one of our best selling 1ply Shawl patterns, its currently only available in written form (no charts) and using Gladys’ abbreviations but once you get them in your head it’s very clear. We have plans to also offer it in a charted form so keep an eye out for that!

It can be knit in either 1ply Cobweb (available in Black and White) or 1ply Shetland Supreme (available in Natural White, Fawn, Moorit, Black and Grey)

The Fine Lace Stole and Scarf is another of Gladys 1ply Patterns, the pattern contains instructions for a stole (pictured above – 60″ x 22″) or a scarf (45″ x 15″) it contains traditional Shetland Lace motifs like the Ring Stitch, Print of the Wave and a peaked edging. Again this can be knit in either 1ply Cobweb or 1ply Shetland Supreme. This also is a written out pattern and uses Gladys’ abbreviations.

The Lynsey Jumper by Joyce Ward is a classic Fair Isle Allover jumper knit in Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight, the undyed yarns and traditional Shetland motifs make for a timeless gansey. It uses corrugated rib and steeks for the arm and neck holes. It can also be knit in 2ply Jumper Weight but you will need to account for the difference in yardage between Supreme and Dyed Jumper Weight (the Supreme is sold in 50g balls and 2ply Jumper in 25g but its not exactly double the amount)

Another fun pattern we’ve added this week is the Fair Isle Tea Cosy designed by Masami Yokoyama. This pattern only uses 3 colours of 2ply Jumper Weight and also utilises steeks for the handle and spout so it makes a great introduction to Fair Isle knitting and steeks in a smaller project.

As always if there are any J&S patterns you would like to have available as a download let us know and we will try to get them on, happy knitting!

Lerwick Up Helly Aa 2020

Hello everyone, today is Lerwick Up Helly Aa day! this is just a reminder that we will be closed tomorrow Wednesday 29th January as it is a public holiday here. If you would like to know more about the event see here and if you would like to watch the event live today and tonight there is a live stream which can be seen here. If you’re on Instagram it’s worth looking at the #uphellyaa2020 and #uphellyaa as lots of people will be adding photos as the day goes on!

Northern Lights KAL Inspiration

Hello everyone, today we thought we’d share some inspiration if you are thinking about taking part in our Northern Lights KAL, there are projects starting to appear on Ravelry and still plenty of time to enter. Now Christmas and New Year are past us there is more time for knitting and certainly, here in Shetland, we are having very dark, windy and rainy nights that just ask for hunkering down and doing some knitting.

Photo Copyright: David Gifford

I thought I’d share some patterns which could easily be used to convey the feeling of the Northern Lights or even take their inspiration directly from it:

L-R: Prairie Stars Gloves – Outi Kater, Sky Gazing Toque – Simone Van Iderstine and Pole Star Mittens – Joan Poleson.

L-R: Merrie dancers Toorie – Elizabeth Johnston, Aurora Polaris Cowl– Lou Lachance

These patterns all use Fingering Weight/4ply so would work perfectly with 2ply Jumper Weight, this is the range in which we have the widest range of colours but you could take motif inspiration from the patterns and use any weight of yarn – 2ply Lace, Shetland Heritage, The Croft, Shetland Aran Worsted..

Of course, you could choose to go down the Shetland Lace route – I found these two patterns, one of which is directly inspired by Northern Lights:

If you would like to put together your own motifs or patterns there are lots of great books to help with that – some of the best selling ones are:

I’ve focused on knitting styles more common in Shetland – Fair Isle/Colourwork and Lace but remember you can use any style of knitting as long as you use all J&S yarns – you can use any, from cobweb up to chunky but to be eligible for a prize you must be able to show it is made in our wool.

If you are struggling with colours I’ve found a few websites you can use, lets you upload an image and puts together a palette from that picture:

Adobe Color is another website that lets you search palettes:

Some other colours inspiration websites are: Design Seeds, Colour Lovers and Colordot.

I hope this has given you some inspiration if you would like to take part, the details of the KAL are:

  • KAL will run until 1st April 2020.
  • You can make any type of Knitted Garment/Accessory or Home item.
  • What you make must only use Jamieson & Smith yarns.
  • Item must be inspired by Northern Lights either in colour, motif or effect – or all three!

You can share what you’re making with the #northernlightskal on Instagram and you must tag Ravelry projects with #northernlightskal

Happy knitting!

More Pattern PDF’s Available Online

Hello everyone, we’ve added 4 more PDF patterns to our Lovecraft’s and Ravelry stores this week, they cover a range of classic Shetland patterns:

First up is the Yuglet Hat designed by Lesley Smith this is a classic Shetland cap with corrugated rib, traditional motifs and an easy but very effective crown. Its knit in Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight in all Natural shades.

The next pattern is our Circular Shaded Shawl knit in Shetland Heritage Naturals, originally designed by Gladys Amedro and knit in 2ply Lace we updated this pattern a few years ago with charts and written instructions.

Our Natalia Yoke by Sandra is a classic Bairns Yoke knit in Jumper Weight, It is knit traditionally in the round with a steek but it also includes instructions for if you wanted to knit it flat, the relatively small size makes it a great first steeking project, and as there are only 3 different contrast shades a great first Fair Isle project too.

Our final pattern this week is the Shoormal Hap, also knit in Shetland Heritage Naturals, this Hap pattern is taken from the Traditional Shetland Scarves and Shawls booklet (Bestway K133) This pattern is described as ‘one of the most widely known and characteristic of Shetland designs..’ we made improvements on the pattern making it easier to follow and knit and have provided both written and charted instructions for the border and edging.

So you can find all these patterns on both our Ravelry shop and Lovecraft’s page, if you would prefer a paper copy and kit they are all available on the website. Happy Knitting!

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