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Sheila’s purples

Last week Sheila Williamson visited us at J&S Towers looking for shades of purple to knit her sister the Yuglet Hat. After some colour picking fun, off Sheila went armed with purple hues. Yesterday she returned, masterpiece in hand.

We love how she’s put the colours together with shade 1A as yarn A, FC51 as yarn B, 123 as yarn C, 202 as yarn D, 366 as yarn E, FC56 as yarn F. Pure colour genius. Her sister, who lives in Edinburgh, is one lucky lady. To knit in Sheila’s purples or to choose your own six shades of 2 Ply Jumper weight, go here.

1. Sheila’s Crown 2. Sheila’s Yuglet hat next to Sophie, our little knitting girl 3. Lavender hanging in our store.

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