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Wirsit Inspo – May/June/July

Hello everyone, Happy Saturday! We’re back today with another round up of our Wirsit Inspo (wool inspiration) posts that we post every week on our Social Media (facebook, instagram and twitter) as we come into summer there have been some brighter posts but July is proving to be very grey here unlike everywhere else in the UK! We have now been doing these posts for nearly a year and we love seeing how much you enjoy them.

If you are inspired by any of the colourways make sure to tag us or send pictures to us, we’d love to see!

Spring Flowers, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: FC24, 118, 52, 125, 1 and 91.
Red Granite Cliffs or Lang Ayre, 2ply Jumper Weight. 21, 1282, 122, 32, 1282 and 14.
More Summery Flowers, North Road, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: FC44, FC12, FC24, 91, 23 and 66.
Blue Inspiration, Hays Dock, Lerwick. 2ply Jumper Weight: 1, 2, 78, 75, FC34 and 132.
Mid Summer Hill, Northmavine. 2ply Jumper Weight: FC12, 122, 1285, 9097, 52 and 14
Vibrant Rock Pools, 2ply Jumper Weight: 81, 54, 2, FC12, 121 and 91.
Fading Sea Pinks, 2ply Jumper Weight: 2, 1281, FC22, 92 and 118.
Shetland Summer Sea, 2ply Jumper Weight: 132, FC34, 65, FC24, and FC44.
Lerwick Daisies, 2ply Jumepr Weight: 1, 23, FC11, FC12 and FC44.
South End of Lerwick, 2ply Jumper Weight: FC15, FC45, FC43, 2, 78 and 81.

So that takes us up to July, we will continue to share these round ups every few months but you can see the posts each week over on our social media, happy knitting!

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  1. These are another lovely set. Thanks for doing these, they are great to receive.

    July 24, 2021
  2. marianne - norway #

    Those color combinations are just so inspiring! Why did God only give us 2 hands!

    July 24, 2021
  3. Gerrie Sterk #

    Wat een mooie kleurencombinaties!!!!!!! Prachtig!

    July 24, 2021
  4. Susan #

    YOU are so brilliant as are these photos and colours! Thank you.

    July 24, 2021
  5. These are the best yet.

    July 24, 2021
  6. Yes, these ARE your best yet! Beautiful, all!

    July 25, 2021
  7. natuurles #

    Wow, knit the summer in a wintersweater ! Love the combinations

    July 30, 2021
  8. Margaret Franco #

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! I often struggle to put color combinations together and these are very helpful.

    August 8, 2021

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